Sometimes the Reaction is Everything


Don’t forget the power of emotion and passion. Especially positive reactions. Exceptional conversationalists are masters of displaying feelings. Shy people are often reserved and slow to show emotion – if any at all. Many shy people I know play their cards close to their chests and keep the feelings locked up tight behind expressionless dispositions.


If you find yourself holding back feelings and emotions, this is your reminder to try harder. Deliberately show more emotion. Start small. Start with getting excited about a great hamburger you’re eating / just ate. Get excited about a movie you’re looking forward to watching. Get excited for someone else when they tell you something really positive. Energy is contagious. You want to be more charismatic? Express more energy and passion in everything you do.When you’re good at expressing feelings, the content of your message isn’t as important.



Watch the following two videos:


The first is a lady excited about her new Chewbacca mask. She became famous due to her over-the-top reaction. She has already eclipsed 10 MILLION VIEWS. People loved watching her react. You don’t have to be that excited. But keep these people in mind. Just reacting in slightly dramatic ways can make you more charismatic and likable.




The second video is a guy getting excited over a burger and fries. He has almost 9 MILLION VIEWS. He simply ate a burger. But I want you to study the way he describes his passion for it.



Stay social, my friends.








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