Expand Your Conversation Topics

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Focus your efforts on TAPP topics, and you’ll prepare your brain for the most common conversation topics. TAPP stands for Things, Activities, People, and Places. The TAPP topics function as a guideline to follow as you expand and add to your mental storage of facts, opinions, and experiences.




THINGS: Technology, Books, Clothes, Cars, Movies, TV Shows, Food, Drink, and Weather


ACTIVITIES: Hobbies, Volunteering, Sports, Fitness, Diets, Entertainment, Gaming, Education, Dating, Vacations, Shopping, and Careers


PEOPLE: Kids/Parenting, Family, Pets, Gossip, Relationships, Opposite Sex, You, Them, Culture, Common friends/Co-workers, Local/Global News, Appearance, and Human Behavior


PLACES: Surroundings, Cities, Landmarks, States, Restaurants, Festivals, Houses, and Stores


A great practice exercise: Try to think of something interesting for every single TAPP topic. This may take you a while, but notice which areas you struggle to think of anything. You may need to collect more conversational knowledge/experiences in those areas.


Stay social, my friends. 



PS. The books are still on track for release this Spring. It looks like How to Talk Business and How to Make a First Impression will be finished first.


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