Want to Sound More Like a Leader?

Then you’re in luck! I’m happy to announce a new course to help you with your career. (Don’t worry, I’m also wrapping up my book on How to Be Funny, so stay tuned!)


Head on over to Udemy and check it out. I created a coupon for the first ten people to receive 50% off – type in BOSSTIME at checkout and you should only need to pay $9.99. 


I made this to help myself, and others, continue to practice the language of business. If you work in the corporate world, you know what I’m talking about. Here’s the official course description:


Are you struggling to get promoted at work?

Do you want to learn how to talk more like a leader?

Do you want to earn more respect and be taken more seriously on the job?

If you want to be treated like a leader, then you need to speak like a leader.


As the author of the new book, Talk Like a Boss, and as an award-winning professional trainer, I know a thing or two about helping adults learn new skills.


Unlike many courses you’ll find on Udemy, this course skips all the theories and fluff and gets straight to what matters most for professional development: PRACTICE.


You’ll never learn (and master) corporate American communication without practicing. Practicing A LOT. So that’s what I created – a place for you to practice. Based on my book, and over 20,000 conversations studied, this course contains 100s of corporate phrases for you to practice at home, on your way to work, or even at work.


Practice is the only way to see real improvement, and this course is 100% practice and nothing else. If you don’t want to practice, then don’t take this course! (Did I mention this course is just practice?) But if you want to seriously improve, and you’re up for practicing, then this course if for you.


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