Want to Be More Likable? TRUST Me When I Tell You This


Want to be More Likable?

There are hundreds of ways, but at the core of being likable are only a few basic things: be relatively positive, be an active participant in your conversations, and be a CREDIBLE person. Your word is one of the most important things you have in life, and it will help you get far if you don’t ruin it. Your word will help you get farther with relationships, both personal and professional.


Be Someone Others can Trust

Think about the people who say they’ll show up at a certain time, but don’t. Or the people who say they’ll get back to you, but don’t. Or the people who say they’ll do something for you, but do a poor job. Don’t be that person. Those people are incredibly frustrating. Be someone others can rely on. Be someone others can believe. Be someone others can TRUST.


Get those Goals

I used to be a guy who thought I could do everything myself, but I’ve realized, if I want to achieve any of my dreams or goals, I need other people. You can’t get anywhere without good relationships, and if you want those relationships to last, you need to be a trustworthy, credible friend. Mean what you say and do what you say you’ll do.


Want Deeper Conversations?

If people trust you more, it means they’ll trust you with their feelings, with their friendship, and you’ll reach deeper levels of the relationship. If people don’t trust you, they may only stick to shallow levels of conversations with you.


Stay social, friends.


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