The Most Descriptive Amazon Review Ever


I often talk about the importance of adding a few colorful details.


For example, one time my friends and I were staying at a cabin. One morning, one of my friends asked me to refill his coffee since he was already comfortably sitting on the couch. I felt snarky at the time and shot back, “Do you want me to make you breakfast too while I’m over here?” It was a funny moment in its own right, but I could have taken it up a notch by adding a few details.


For example, I could have said: “Do you want me to make you some blueberry pancakes while I’m over here? Maybe add a little whip cream?” The difference isn’t much, but the affect is often large when it comes to getting laughs.


Saying “blueberry pancakes” is much more colorful. As humans, we like when we can visualize the thing being talked about. Details provide emotional connections and may touch on previous memories. If you’re too vague, you won’t often touch on any emotional connections. 


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Speaking of colorful details and Amazon reviews, if you want some inspiration, check out this Amazon Review for sugar-free gummy bears. It’s unbelievable and worth a read. It’s the most descriptive review I’ve ever read and pretty funny. Enjoy!


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