The Best Question for Making Small Talk
Dec 2015

The Best Question for Making Small Talk

When you can’t think of what to ask, you can always think of something related to time.
Good conversation topics revolve around how people willingly spend their time. When you find out what people choose to spend their time doing or thinking about, then you have probably discovered what interests them.
Who are the people they spend time with? What are the things they spend their time using/consuming/thinking about? What have they spent their time doing in the past, and what are they planning to do with their time in the future? What about you – how do you choose to spend your time? You may notice that many of the time related questions naturally overlap with TAAPP topics.
In addition, everyone has a timeline. Talk about the past, present or future of their timeline.

What made you go into that field?
Are you trying to get into ______?
Any weekend plans?
Do you think you’ll ever write a book about it?
Could you see yourself doing _____ one day?
Are you going to the ______ afterwards?

And of course, in the interest of keeping the conversation balanced, don’t forget to reference how you spend your time also!

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