Take Advantage of Your Time at Home


A silver lining of this crisis is having extra time at home (for some of us that means home alone). And from a social skills standpoint, there is no better skill to practice than your non-verbal skills, and no better place to do it than at home.


Simply by improving the WAY you talk – your inflections, energy, movements, gestures, etc… you’ll improve EVERY OTHER ASPECT OF YOUR COMMUNICATION EXPONENTIALLY. I cannot stress this enough. Too many people want to memorize some good scripts or good “lines” or good talking points. And those are fine, but nothing matters unless your non-verbal skills are at least “decent.” And if you make them good or great, then everything you say will naturally sound more interesting, even if it’s really not that interesting.


Humans are complex, we aren’t just interested in the words people say, but how we feel when we’re around people. We don’t remember much about what people said, but we remember how they made us feel. And the feel part comes mostly from the non-verbals… the enthusiasm, the energy, the positivity, etc. So if you pair good non-verbals, with a genuine care for the other person, you’ve got a winning formula… even if you aren’t very smart or knowledgeable… you can still be very likable. 


In my new book, You Can Be Funny and Make People Laugh, I outline a ton of methods for improving your non-verbal skills while at home. 


I’m going to leave you with one of my favorite YouTube clips because it demonstrates the power of non-verbal skills perfectly. This guy is just eating a burger and fries in his car. But he got over 10,000,000 views – HOW?!!? His enthusiasm… passion… gestures… facial expressions… inflections… energy… his personality is magnetic and infectious. And all he does is describe a burger and fries. 


I’m definitely not saying you need to act like him, because it’s a little over-the-top, but learn from him (especially if your energy level is more on par with Eeyore). 





Stay social my friends,