Sound More Interesting By Painting With Emotion
Apr 2016

Sound More Interesting By Painting With Emotion

Advertisers and good writers know that incorporating visual imagery, analogies, and emotive words are among the fastest ways to your heart (and wallet). That’s why most sports broadcasts have “color commentators.” Fans don’t just want to the facts. They want the emotions that go along with the game. They desire the colorful descriptions! If I described a woman as “grumpy,” it would be sufficient. You’d get it. But what if I painted a picture with something descriptive and relatable. “She had this grumpy, just drank apple cider vinegar look.” Can you visualize her a little better now?

People prefer visual imagery and emotionally packed words. Instead of saying “it was cold” you could say you “couldn’t even feel your fingers.”

Check out a few examples:


INSTEAD OF: That’s a huge burger!

PAINT A PICTURE: That thing is a heart attack on a plate!


INSTEAD OF: The wedding is so expensive.

PAINT A PICTURE: The wedding is going to make my wallet start crying soon.


INSTEAD OF:  Because you’re older than me.

PAINT A PICTURE: Because you’ve got more gray hairs than me.


In the right situations, it’s entertaining to paint an entire scene (with a few sentences or less). Maybe you encounter a situation where you need to sit in tiny chairs. “I feel like I’m in Kindergarten again. I better check to see if there’s gum or peanut butter anywhere before I sit down.” Maybe you overhear someone blasting country music. “I feel like I should be line dancing at bar next to some cornfields right now.”

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