Bosses Always Have a Plan


Good news! The books are almost here. I’m slightly behind schedule (as usual) because I’m focused on making the books as high quality as possible. Over the next few months of book releases, I plan to post free content from the books as they get close to release. The following is an excerpt from How to Make a First Impression Like a Boss:



Bosses act like they have a plan (even if they’re privately uncertain). Bosses don’t hesitate for too long. Bosses lean towards action rather than indecision. When you face a hard decision or challenge with enthusiasm rather than dread, calmness rather than anxiety, action rather than indecision, a plan rather than hesitation, you exude confidence.  

When you ask someone out on a date, you’ll make a much stronger impression if you have everything planned out. Planning communicates that you care, that you know what you want, and that you do what you say. Someone who can plan a date, probably has structure and plans in other areas of his life.

When you schedule a meeting or work event, having a plan is critical to looking credible. Have an agenda and stick to it. 

How do you exhibit confidence if you don’t have a plan? You don’t. The point is, start thinking about plans. Think about actions. Change your mindset to that of someone who does, not someone who reacts. Passive people wait to hear someone else’s plan. Start being the person with the plan. You won’t always get followers, but you’ll definitely look more confident and in control. 


Don’t go into any significant situation without thinking about your goals for the situation. What do you want out of it? Keep your plans at the forefront of your mind so you can express your thoughts quickly if necessary. 


Start incorporating action-based phrases like the following examples: 

  • So this I what I’m thinking we do…

  • After _____, how about we _____? 

  • What if we do _____, would that be okay? 

  • I arranged for _____, does that work for you?

  • I’d like to try _____.

  • Now that we did _____, I’m thinking we try _____.

  • Thanks for meeting me today, would it be okay if I followed up with you next week?

  • It was great chatting with you, I’d love to send you those files I was talking about, would that be okay?


Stay social, my friends.



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