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I’ve been researching the science behind social skills for over 17 years. I hated being a super shy teenager! I’ll show you how you can improve the way you relate to people, through conversational hacks and down-to-earth social psychology. Don’t waste any more time trying to go it alone. (It took me forever!) If you’re feeling stuck, or you’re not improving fast enough, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s upgrade your social skills, and your life.


My Other Books

How to Start Conversations

Like a Boss

Starting conversations with anyone, let alone strangers, isn’t easy. Sometimes it just plain sucks. It’s easier to let others control the conversation, but then you’re stuck letting others decide your fate. ​

Learn to grab the small talk bull by the horns and start any conversation, with anyone, anywhere. Learn 37 amazing techniques, based on over 15 years of research, for improving your ability to start conversations. It’s time to start conversations like a boss.

165 pages.

$9.99 USD

How to Be Confident

Like a Boss

Some confidence is easy to gain. Like that time you dominated your little brother at Ping Pong. You knew you’d crush him before the game even started. Other types of confidence, like social confidence, is trickier. 

Learn what bosses do to become more confident in all social situations. It’s start with control. Controlling different aspects of your life and your mind. 

152 pages.


$9.99 USD


How to Make a First Impression

Like a Boss

How do bosses make great first impressions every time? They know how to deftly navigate the three stages of first impressions:

1.       Snap judgments (first 5 seconds)

2.       Commercials (first 30 seconds)

3.       Initial small talk (first 5+ minutes)

Learn how to master each stage, and start making first impressions like a boss.Includes 36 of the best social techniques for making awesome first impressions.

165 pages.

$9.99 USD

How to Talk Business

Like a Boss

12 years of working in the corporate world taught me that fluency in “corporate jargon” was pivotal to business success. Do you aspire to move up the corporate food chain? You’ll have to learn to speak like the big dogs. How to speak like a leader becomes more important the higher you climb. You won’t be considered for a leadership role unless you look, act, and sound like one a leader first.


If you want to be a great manager or leader in your field, if you want to influence those around you, if you want to persuade others to follow your ideas, if you want to present your case in a more engaging way, and if you want others to respect you, you must learn to talk the language of business. Learn how to talk business like a boss.

216 pages.

$9.99 USD


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My Favorites

Favorite Comedians

Aziz Ansari and Robin Williams

Favorite Movies

Princess Bride, Braveheart, Dead Poets Society

Favorite Books

Outliers and Freakanomics

Favorite Shoes

Calvin Kleins

Favorite Cologne

Hugo BOSS original

Favorite Dinner

Pizza (boring, I know)

Favorite Dessert

Custard Ice Cream loaded with mix-ins

Favorite Board Games

Catan, Telestrations, Balderdash, and probably 100 others.

Favorite Bands (at the moment)

Strumbellas and The Killers

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