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You Can Be Funny and

Make People Laugh

Never be boring again! For the first time, conversational humor has been dissected like never before. The difference between funny and unfunny is sometimes just a few words. This book won’t transform you into a comedian or SNL writer overnight, but it will make you funnier than you are today, and that’s kind of a big deal. Over 250 real-life examples. No theories. No fluff. Just 35 humor techniques you can apply right now – and that’s no joke!


"After reading this book its insane how he's able to dissect so many examples of humor in here. I had my doubts that he could really be the first to pull of such a feat, but MAN was he able to pull it off."

- Giggity, verified Amazon reviewer, Aug 3, 2019


"This book is exactly what I needed! I have been struggling to become more confident for a while, but this book simplifies everything by breaking it into smaller pieces that I can understand."

- E. Chacon, verified Amazon reviewer, May 11, 2018

The Small Talk Code

Learn how to talk to anyone. Discover what the best conversationalists do differently. I’ve included 100s of real-life examples and practical exercises to upgrade your social skills immediately and make you a more well-rounded conversationalist. After reading this book, you’ll master how to start conversations, keep them going, be more interesting, have more to say, and become more confident, 


Hi, I'm Greg.

I’ve been in your shoes. And now I know what it takes to achieve the happiness that comes with true social confidence. As a social scientist, I analyzed more than 17,500 conversations over 15 years to discover the secrets of the best conversationalists. It took me a long time, but you can learn every important technique I discovered in only a few days by reading my books. You’re going to love all the specific, real-life examples and actionable advice. 

Plus, I like to blog a little, so if you just want some free stuff, there’s plenty of that too. The only support for my work is through book sales and trainings, so buying a book or telling a friend about my work would be much appreciated!


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People with strong social skills earn $29,000 more per year, and 42% are happier with their lives.

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